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We're looking at how the latest fuel innovations and management technologies can help young farmers improve productivity now and for future farming generations.

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Young farmers are the lifeblood of UK agricultural and we’re committed to supporting them with products and solutions that help provide data insights, save money and reduce their impact on the environment for the benefit of future farming generations.

Data driven insights

Data driven insights, sensor technology and precision farming are just a number of digital opportunities for the farming industry. For the Millennial generation who’ve grown up in a digital world there is an appetite for new technologies that can help simplify processes and improve productivity.

When it comes to fuel management, telemetry can help monitor fuel levels and provide reports on usage to help better understand your farm’s fuel needs and automatically order top-ups during busier periods. Telemetry systems installed on fuel tanks can also provide alerts for any sudden drops in fuel levels, which could indicate a spillage or theft – a major benefit considering 20% of farmers have been a victim of fuel theft. The data provided by these systems can also be accessed on a mobile app for information on the go.

Reducing our environmental impact

Responsible for managing 71% of land in the UK (DEFRA), farming is at the heart of our environment. However, research has shown that UK agriculture is lagging behind in making agricultural processes more sustainable which has led the Government to look at ways to encourage the industry to adopt more processes and technologies that will reduce the impact of farming on the environment. From reducing emissions to redesigning intensive farming methods, there are many steps involved in creating a more environmentally friendly, sustainable future for farming. 

This change won’t happen overnight but there are innovative solutions available now that can help. Certas Energy is proud to be the UK’s exclusive distributor of Shell GTL Fuel, a drop-in cleaner burning alternative to diesel. Suitable for both on and off-road vehicles and machinery, the fuel is proven to lower emissions, improving local air quality. Tests have shown that Shell GTL can reduce NOx (harmful nitrogen oxide) emissions by up to 37% and PM (particulate matter) by up to 38%.

Approved by John Deere and many other OEMs, Shell GTL Fuel can be used as a direct replacement for conventional diesel all year round, meaning no engine modifications are required. Free of unwanted components, the fuel is non-toxic to the environment.

Discover the results and benefits Northfield Farms have seen since switching to Shell GTL here

Safety first

With the threat of prosecution and fines for failing to follow DEFRA’s guidance on storing agricultural fuel, there are multiple considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure the safe and secure storage of fuel on a farm – from dealing with tank cracks and leaks to monitoring fuel levels and preventing contamination, choosing the right tank is the first step to remaining compliant and safe.

In the past, fuel storage has often been an afterthought but with farmers increasingly working across sites and needing to refuel, it has become even more important to make it as easy as possible to move, maintain and monitor your fuel supply.  Modern fuel tanks provide stock visibility, traceability and sudden drop alerts to highlight theft or spillages for total peace of mind.

Want to find out more? Discover our #FuelSafe materials to help you store your fuel assets safely and securely.

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