A cleaner-burning diesel alternative

Considering alternative fuels on your farm? Wherever you are on your journey to lower emissions, we can help you today and in the future.


Discover Shell GTL Fuel

Proven to reduce harmful emissions including nitrogen oxide (NOx) by up to 37% and particulate matter (PM) by up to 50%, Shell GTL Fuel can reduce your farm's emissions to improve local air quality for the environment and your farming workforce. 

Winter-grade and improved storage stability

No need to worry about waxing anymore! Shell GTL Fuel is winter-grade, meaning your supply will be last all year round with no waste or spoilage.

Get quieter engines

Proven to reduce noise pollution, Shell GTL Fuel has the added benefit of making your machinery engines quieter, meaning you can go about your business without waking up your livestock or neighbours with all those early starts!

Drop-in, no engine modifications

With no expensive modifications or machinery upgrades required, you can lower your farm fleet emissions without worrying about logistics or investment challenges, especially at a time of on-going industry uncertainty.

Northfield Farms

"After using Shell GTL Fuel supplied by Certas Energy over harvest in a variety of Fendt, New Holland and JCB tractors, we noticed the difference immediately. We previously had problems with water contamination in the tractor fuel tanks but the improved storage and stability of Shell GTL rectified these issues. We also reduced our AdBlue® usage. The fact we didn’t have to make any changes to our engines or tanks was a huge advantage and it’s great to know that we’re reducing our impact on the environment without affecting our productivity. Assistant Farm Manager, Northfield Farms


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