Agriculture Fuel and Lubricants

We offer a comprehensive range of products geared towards keeping your farm moving.
  • Standard/low sulphur (10ppm) Gas Oil
  • Ultra 35
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • High quality lubricants and greases to reduce wear and tear
  • Fuel additives to enhance engine performance
  • Milking Machine oils
  • Universal Tractor oils
  • Transmission fluids and greases
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine oils

For more information about the different fuels available for agricultural purposes, click here.

Certas Energy can help

Flexible payment plans and credit terms can be arranged to suit your particular circumstances as well as a range of delivery options to best support your farm. Whether you need your fuel in a hurry or a variety of fuels all delivered at the same time, Cerats Energy can help.

  • A supply network sourced from all the major UK refiners, ensuring continual availability at the most competitive prices
  • Over 150 depots nationwide to supply every corner of the UK and offer regional knowledge and insight
  • A dedicated tanker fleet, strategically managed through a state-of-the-art routing system to deliver fuel flexibility and reliability
  • Emergency delivery options
  • Automated top-up services, metered deliveries and multi-compartment vehicles to supply different fuels all at once
  • Payment options and contracts 

Safeguarding your assets. Protecting your business.

We create partnerships that start by really understanding your needs and priorities for bulk fuel and lubricants storage and supply.

Read our bulk Fuel and Lubricants Storage Brochure