Construction Fuels and Lubricants

Fuelling Construction Nationwide

We want to make life as easy as possible for our construction customers by managing the efficient distribution of fuels and lubricants across multiple sites nationwide, in order to minimise the potential for expensive downtime.

The Resources to Make Your Life Easier

We don’t just talk about exceptional customer service, we have the resources and the construction industry expertise to ensure that we’ll make your life easier.

Crucially for our construction industry customers, all of our drivers are flexible, helpful and reliable. They are also fully HSE-compliant, which is your guarantee that they care about site safety just as much as you do.

Switch to a Service That’s Built Around Your Needs

Whether your sites are regional or nationwide, our national storage and delivery network means that you can manage all of your fuel and lubricant needs through a single account.

Just as importantly, we offer you personal service 24/7, courtesy of your Dedicated Account Manager. Not only will they provide you with a single point of contact, but as a construction sector specialist they also understand your requirements and can offer expert advice whenever you need it.

CERTAS offers you all of this:
  • Specialist Energy Services for the construction industry
  • Competitively priced fuels, including gas oil, packaged gas oil, derv and Ultra 35
  • Specialist Shell and Gulf lubricants; Rimula, Tellus, Spirax, UTTO and Superfleet
  • Fuel-enhancing and protective additives
  • Portable tanks – to make site relocation quick and easy
  • Monitoring devices – for accurate fuel consumption reporting
  • On-site consultations to provide an expert assessment of your needs
  • Consumption reports and consolidated invoicing
  • A Dedicated Account Manager 24/7, supported by a central team for phone, website and email orders