Certas energy provide an extensive range of additives, of fuel enhancing and protective additives.

Anti-bug Kill

Exocet Anti-bug kill is used to tackle current and immediate microbiological infestation. Microbiological infestation in Gas Oil & Diesel causes significant problems including increased solids, bio-polymer slime and increased corrosivity. These symptoms, in turn, lead to plugged filters, corroded fuel injectors and fuel starvation.

Exocet Anti-Bug kill is a Gas Oil and Diesel compatible additive used to tackle all types of existing microbiological infestation, inhibiting sludge and slime build up and protecting against tank and pipe corrosion.

Anti-bug Plus

This potent additive is designed to inhibit microbiological activity in clean tanks, and is compatible with Gas Oil & Diesel.  By controlling microbiological contamination it inhibits sludge and slime build up, reducing the risk of plugging in filters, injectors, burners and gauges. It also protects against tank and pipe corrosion.

Anti Wax

This useful additive boosts the resistance of Gas Oil and Diesel to waxing, with a special formulation that improves the cold flow and handling properties of both, enabling plant and vehicle operation at colder temperatures than the untreated fuel would permit. By inhibiting the formation of wax crystals, the potential for filter plugging is reduced. Biofuel users should also note that Anti Wax is designed to work with the maximum allowable FAME contents.

Diesel Power Restorer

Modern diesel engines use highly precise injection technology to help deliver performance efficiency with reduced emissions. Over time, however, deposits can build up in diesel fuel injection systems which reduce engine power, especially in the presence of biodiesel components. The deposits generally comprise thin layers of lacquer that stick tenaciously to critical components, thus restricting fuel flow. Exocet Diesel Power Restorer is specially formulated to break down and disperse these hard lacquers, restoring fuel flow and power. It is also designed to deliver results when added to just one tank full of fuel.

Diesel Supreme

Exocet Diesel Supreme is designed for use as an additive to unadditised, terminal-sourced DERV (EN590 diesel) or to upgrade ordinary retail diesel to premium grade fuel in order to optimise fuel economy. It also helps to maintains injector and fuel system cleanliness and provides smoother power delivery and greater acceleration by increasing the fuel's Cetane Number.

Fuel Store Plus

Exocet Fuel Store Plus is an additive that has been specially formulated to protect fuels and fuel systems that store fuel for long periods of time. It can therefore prevent many of the problems associated with equipment that is used infrequently. It does so by delaying the symptoms of 'fuel ageing' and additionally has anti-corrosion and biocidal properties. It contains a high dose of antioxidant (anti-ageing) component that:

  • Delays discolouration, gum and solids formation.
  • Maintains the fuel’s ignition qualities.
  • Extends the shelf life of B7 fuels to >12 months.
  • Contains a fuel-soluble biocide at a maintenance dose.
  • Reduces the potential for filter plugging. 
  • Is proven to work on 100% FAME biofuel.
Gas oil extra

This additive is used to overcome any negative effects from the latest Gas Oil specification for non-road mobile machines (NRMM) such as construction plant and agricultural tractors. Gas Oil Extra is formulated to allow modern diesel engines to run smoothly on Gas Oil or Red Diesel as it is also known, despite the dramatic reduction in sulphur brought in by the new specification. It’s for use on engines calibrated to EN590 DERV and provides a range of benefits including:

  • Easier starting.
  • Increased pulling power.
  • Smoother power delivery.
  • Reduced visible emissions (smoke).
  • Improved combustion efficiency.
  • Alignment with modern engine calibrations.
  • Reduced friction and wear.
Winterised Gas Oil

This combines the functions of Gas Oil Extra and Exocet Anti-Wax in a single additive.  It is used to overcome any negative effects from Gas Oil plus  will stop wax crystals forming in winter.  It increases the Cetane Number of Gas Oil to provide a range of benefits including:

  • Easier starting.
  • Increased pulling power.
  • Smoother power delivery.
  • Reduced visible emissions (smoke).
  • Improved combustion efficiency.
  • Alignment with modern engine calibrations.
  • Reduced friction and wear.
  • Increased fuel resistance to waxing.
  • Operation at colder temperatures than the fuel specification.
  • Reduced potential for filter plugging.
  • Proven efficacy on 100% FAME biofuel.
Marine Fuel Conditioner

Marine Fuel Conditioner is used to address the marine-related and performance issues associated with the new, low sulphur Gas Oil specification. In addition to increasing fuel shelf life and inhibiting fuel tank sludge formation it promotes fuel-water separation to prevent water carryover to the engine. It also provides all these benefits:

  • Prevention of microbiological growth.
  • Reduced particulate (visible) exhaust emissions.
  • Promotion of a clean fuel system and inhibition of injector fouling.
  • Improved overall combustion efficiency leading to improved emissions quality.