As a business with a fleet of vehicles, buying fuel with a fuel card is a necessity.  Without a fuel card, if prices rise unexpectedly, your company will be faced with having to pay a higher price for fuel.

To assist with economising on fuel costs and to keep up to date with consumption data, many fleet managers use fuel cards to help control and manage fuel costs.  Certas Energy fuel card provide our customers with a reporting service that gives consumption figures for each user and gives complete visibility over their fuel spend.  These reports can be based on mpl or kpl, depending on preference.

Fuel cards also provide reliable card transaction information, indicating when there are periods of high fuel consumption.  Analysis of transaction data can help enforce fuel saving driving habits, whilst helping your vehicles run efficiently and ultimately reducing fuel costs.

Through our dedicated team of analysts, we are able to offer fully customisable reporting for our customers’ transactions ensuring that data can easily be imported into your own systems.  These reports can be based on many factors including quantity and location, and can be produced at a timescale that best suits you – weekly or monthly.

With a Certas Energy fuel card you can benefit from competitive pricing and flexible payment terms.  We will work closely with you to create a package that suits your individual needs, giving you competitive and flexible deals. These include fixed margin pricing and Platts-linked pricing.

Prices are frequently below the pump price and can help your business economise on fuel expenditure. Our transparent billing means no hidden fees, no administrative fees and no invoice fees. You will also be able to isolate individual spend using unique fuel card identifiers.  

Via your own secure online portal, you can monitor all your Certas Energy Fuel Card activity and view transaction data instantly.  The portal allows you to access consumption figures for every one of your users and get complete visibility over fuel spend in real time.

Via the online system, you’ll benefit from transparent and accountable billing, with real time transactions available, 24/7.