Why Fuel Cards?

An array of businesses use Fuel Cards, from single traders right up to national and multinational companies. So why are Fuel Cards so popular?

Competitive prices

Your prices are fixed for a week and are linked to PLATTS prices. This means you get the most competitive prices nationwide.


Each card is uniquely identified, so you see the spend on each individual card.  To stop a card in an emergency, our card department is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so any card can be stopped immediately.

Clear billing

Your usage reports can be sent weekly or monthly, whichever suits you.

Full support

A dedicated team is available whenever you need them. With over twenty years experience the team can answer any question you have.

Fuel economy

Economising your fuel consumption with a Certas Energy fuel card. In short, Fuel Cards give you total control of your fuel spend. Contact us today on 0345 608 8003.