At Certas Energy, we know that lubricants are important to the smooth running of your business. Our hard-earned reputation for friendly, reliable and expert fuel distribution is therefore mirrored in our world-class lubricant services.

We combine the finest products with an expert sales team, a state-of-the-art delivery process and second-to-none customer service for your total peace of mind.

Certas Energy can supply everything you need. Whether you’re looking to order fleet oils in bulk, stock up on industrial hydraulic oils and gear oils, or simply purchase agricultural greases, our quick delivery will ensure that your machinery can go on functioning smoothly wherever you are. With over 50 years of experience in the machinery oils business, we can provide the very best lubricants, oils and greases from Shell and Gulf Oils. As well as providing oil products for fleets, industrial machinery and agricultural vehicles, we also stock adblue, antifreeze and related products for vehicles as varied as cars, bikes, marine boats or aviation planes.

Call us today to get details of all our high quality oils and lubricants:

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