Shell GTL Fuel - environmental and performance benefits

  • Ideal for the transport industry, city utility vehicles, public transport, rail, road haulage, inland and offshore shipping
  • It is beneficial for construction industry to power construction plant and machinery, as well as to power generation equipment
  • Logistic customers have reported a decrease in fumes when powering their warehouse forklift trucks with Shell GTL Fuel.

On first handling the product, Darren Gilham, Certas Energy Delivery Driver stated: 
“It feels odd when loading the truck as I cannot smell anything.”

U-OV Bus Company

“One of the tender requirements was a reduction in local emissions, including particulate emissions from buses. To achieve this, we started refuelling the 142 regional Euro v buses with Shell GTL Fuel and 166 new Euro vi city buses were purchased which were still running on diesel, but then switched to Shell GTL Fuel”   Han van der Wal, U-OV Fleet Manager PDF U-OV Bus Company

Roteb Lease

Rotterdam vehicle operator Roteb Lease reduced local emissions from City utility vehicles by using Shell GTL Fuel.
“A great advantage of Shell GTL Fuel is that it’s directly applicable and ready to go” 
Peter Witvliet, Head of Roteb Lease 
PDF Roteb Lease Case Study

DB Schenker Trains

European rail company DB Schenker saves €75,000 in maintenance costs by switching to Shell GTL Fuel.
“In two of our modern engines we have measured a soot reduction up to 60% and in the older engines even up to 95%!” 
 Roel Wachelder, Chemelot Manager at DB Schenker
PDF DB Schenker Trains Case Study

Van Keulen

Van Keulen is an Amsterdam construction supplier.  The deliver to bases in Amsterdam’s narrow streets. Using Shell GTL Fuel enables them to reduce their local emissions.
“We want to differentiate ourselves through a truck fleet which has a reduced impact on the environment.” Van Keulen
PDF Van Keulen Case Study


Groningen chose to switch all their municipal vehicles to Shell GTL Fuel to help improve the city’s local air quality. Vehicles include garbage trucks, street cleaners, vans, ATV’s, tractors, etc. 
PDF Groningen Case Study

Tata Steel

Tata Steel is using GTL Fuel in locomotives at one of their sites in Netherlands. The video shows how black emissions become invisible after switching to GTL Fuel.