Speciality fuels

In addition to the standard range of fuels, Certas Energy offers a variety of speciality fuels including renewable heating fuels to reduce CO2 emissions and Biofuel blends that meet the Road Transport Fuel Obligation.

We will work with you to meet all the fuel needs of your business. If you need advice on exactly the right type of fuel for a particular application, you can speak to one of our expert advisers who will be happy to help.


Ultra 35 is Certas Energy's own brand of commercial heating oil. It is a cost effective substitute for gas oil when used in any heat generating device, and thanks to its low sulphur content, Ultra 35 is also a very clean burning heating oil, making it ideal for applications such as grain drying.


Powerflame is  a competitively priced alternative to Light, Medium and Heavy fuel oils. Its designed  for open furnace applications and customers currently using processed fuel oils. It does not need to be stored in a heated tank and can be stored  at ambient temperatures.

Heavy, Medium & Light Fuel Oils

Certas Energy supply all types of industrial fuel oils for steam boilers, dryers and furnaces. Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) is one of the least expensive of the refined oil fuels and generally can only be used by facilities that have preheating capabilities. Heavy Fuel Oil is primarily used in industrial boilers and other direct source heating applications. It is also used as a principal fuel for marine and large diesel engines.  We can provide various grades of fuel oil depending on individual requirement including:

  • Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO): Heavy Fuel Oil (100% Fuel Oil)
  • Medium Fuel Oil (MFO): Medium Fuel Oil (85% Fuel Oil, 15% Gas Oil)
  • Light Fuel Oil (LFO): Light Fuel Oil (60% Fuel, 40% Gas Oil)