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Getting burnt by the cost of gas oil heating?

Are you currently using gas oil for heating or heat generation? If so, then you could save £££s by switching to Ultra35.

Ultra35, our cleaner-burning low sulphur heating oil, is an immediate alternative to gas oil heating for use in commercial heating applications such as boilers, dryers and heaters. What’s more, because Ultra35 is dedicated heating oil, it is unconstrained by the differing engine specifications, therefore offering you a consistent and proven performance across a range of commercial applications.

Ultra35 offers you potential cost savings when you switch as it is not subject to the same government levies for road fuel that gas oil is subject to. Furthermore, Ultra35 is completely compatible with gas oil, so there are no expensive modifications or second tanks required. There is also no need to drain the existing oil out of your tank, making it easy to complete the switch.

What’s more, Ultra35 benefits from:

  • Excellent long term storage characteristics
  • Zero Bio content 
  • Winter grade specification 
  • BS EN2869 compliance

Ultra35 is suitable for: heating, steam, grain drying, incinerators, industrial, heavy industrial, open flame, commercial, manufacturing, plus more…

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