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Our Values

Our Mission

‘We work as one team, making our energy expertise and outstanding service count for all our customers’.

Our Values

As well as our team way of working, our values provide a framework that everyone in our organisation adopts. This is the DNA of our business:

We constantly improve and inspire
Standing still is not an option; we strive for continuous improvement – even in the little things – to drive our business forward.
Open minds and open ears will stimulate creativity and entrepreneurial zeal.
Leadership is not just a responsibility – it’s an opportunity. For everyone.
We must all aim to inspire those we work with.
Nothing beats the experience of great service. If we delight our customers we inspire confidence in our company.

We are open and honest
Information, best practice, ideas… we share them all with our colleagues.
Integrity is everything. We earn trust and respect by upholding great standards.
Transparency is good for business. It ensures clarity and better decision-making.
We try to be straightforward in all our work dealings. We are direct but polite.

We are safe and considerate
In the office or on the road, as our record shows, we won’t compromise on safety.
We care about our environmental impact and we minimise it in any way we can.
We need to deliver our products, but always with consideration for businesses, householders and other road users.
We respect the feelings and views of everyone we deal with, treating others as we’d like to be treated ourselves.

We can and will do
Sometimes it’s as important to go the extra yard as the extra mile.
Problems are there to be solved. People are there to deliver.
A positive ‘yes’ is better than ‘maybe’. If it’s right and can be done, let’s do it.
Colleagues are like customers. We can’t let them down.

We work as a team and collaborate
We work as one team, together, to achieve our goals and share in success.
Through cooperation and collaboration, teams can achieve what individuals cannot.
The sum of our parts is greater than the sum of our whole. 
We are stronger together and truly believe that the greatest ideas emerge through teamwork.
With a company as diverse as ours, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge.