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Commercial Delivery Guidelines

All deliveries none to domestic properties are classified as commercial.

For commercial deliveries the customer may authorise a 'competent person' who has sufficient knowledge, training and experience with regard to the tank capacity, set-up and delivery procedures at their premises.

An ‘ullage box’ is provided on the delivery ticket. The customer's 'competent person' may sign this ullage box prior to delivery to confirm the suitability of their tank and equipment and that there is sufficient ullage in their tank to accept the delivery quantity.

Access and Egress

Customers have a legal duty to provide safe access and egress both for vehicles and people to enable our operatives to carry out their tasks safely.

Certas Energy will endeavour to obtain information with regard to the customer’s arrangements for safe delivery including: approach to site; vehicle restrictions; driver reporting on arrival; site rules; pedestrian safety; vehicle reversing arrangements; access to the tank/delivery point.

Use of ladders

Working at heights is a significant risk, therefore:

  • Drivers must only use their tanker portable ladder supplied by Certas Energy or a suitable permanently fixed ladder at the delivery point.
  • Where a fixed ladder is provided this must have safety hoops fitted if higher than 2m. If access to the top of the tank is required, a suitable working platform with guard rails must be fitted
  • The Driver is not to climb any ladder in excess of 3m height from ground level