FuelTrace is a new telematics solution that uses GPS technology combined with onboard diagnostics to record information about a vehicle’s movements. FuelTrace provides fleet managers with full visibility of their fleet, regardless of location or number of vehicles. It can be used as a standalone fleet management solution, or in conjunction with fuel card data for a full picture of fleet fuel spend and vehicle activity. As the first product on the market to fully integrate fuel card data with telematics, it offers the most accurate MPG reporting available.

Why choose FuelTrace?

  • We fully integrate your vehicle tracking with your fuel card data, giving you accurate MPG and fraud detection for your fleet*.
  • Easy to use online portal available on desktop, tablet and mobile – so you can access your information wherever you are.
  • No long-term contract giving you flexibility to change with your business.  Add or remove vehicles at any time with no penalties or termination fees.
  • Clear pricing and competitive monthly service fees means you won’t get caught by hidden charges
  • Increase productivity with enhanced route planning and journey data.

*full integration with fuel card data available on UK Fuels network only.

Key features:

  • Live Map – View your vehicle locations in real time helping you to improve customer service by providing accurate arrival times.
  • Driver Performance – Monitor speeding, idling and poor driving styles to improve the safety and fuel efficiency of your drivers.
  • Geo-Plus – Our unique reporting system alerts you to any potential fuel card misuse, limiting the loss to your business.
  • Journey History – Keep track of routes, stops and arrival times to monitor driver productivity and reduce unauthorised vehicle use.
  • Fuel Card Integration – Link your fuel cards directly to your FuelTrace device to see accurate MPG measurements for all of your vehicles.
  • Vehicle Performance – Access a variety of Excel and PDF reports including daily timesheets and business/private mileage which can be easily incorporated into your business management reports.
  • Alerts – Email and SMS notifications based on Geofenced areas or driving events, provide you with instant information on where your vehicles are and how they are being driven.
  • User IDs – Create individual user logins and customise your account with vehicle groupings and personalised points of interest (POIs)