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Glowmax is an innovative kerosene product that’s ideal for households using oil for home heating and cooking.  Initially launched in selected areas of the UK in 2008, it is now available throughout the whole of the north of England and southern Scotland, providing users with a fuel that helps improve the reliability of oil-based home heating and cooking systems, as well as protecting and caring for the systems’ sensitive parts.  And it’s exclusive to Certas Energy.

Glowmax premium kerosene has been enhanced by an additive that stabilises the fuel, keeping it fresher for longer.  Glowmax is kinder on systems than other kerosene-based heating fuels because it reduces soot and charring, plus protects copper piping from metal corrosion.  These advantages also mean that users get a better performing and more efficient product that burns more cleanly, which in turn should dramatically reduce both the number of call outs needed and the cost of maintenance.

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Glowmax has been successfully trialled and tested by Aga, giving customers the peace of mind that they are getting the best for their system with Glowmax.

Regular use of Glowmax can reduce the chance of problems in  both your cooker and boiler, ensuring that they are running smoothly when needed most and helping you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing noxious emissions.  Better still, no modifications are necessary to your tank or boiler, so try Glowmax today!