Keeping your drivers, cargo and trucks safe might feel like an impossible task, but we’re on hand to help. With a complete fuel card offering, including secure bunker sites, products and safety tips, we can help keep your business safe year-round. We care, because you do too.

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Reliable bulk fuel supply, consistently competitive prices

We recognise fuel is critical to your business operations. Even in the most turbulent commercial climate, you can be assured of supply and consistently competitive prices through our extensive supply base.

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Protecting fleets, improving performance and maximising lifespan

We supply lubricants from leading global manufacturers Shell, Valvoline, Gulf and Castrol to ensure your business has access to a range of products to suit your vehicle manufacturer’s, engine and fleet needs.

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Making cleaner fuel choices for a sustainable future

As the focus on air pollution increases, we are committed to providing innovative fuels that balance the responsibility of best practice and the realistic need to meet financial business objectives. Proven to lower emissions and approved by many leading manufacturers (Scania, DAF and MAN), Shell GTL fuel, provides a drop-in cleaner burning alternative to diesel.


Keeping your fuel safe, secure and tracked

Working in partnership with Kingspan, we understand how important it is to match your requirements to the right bulk fuel storage solution to ensure your business never stops moving. With an extensive range of durable tanks and accessories, we can ensure your fuel stays safe, secured and monitored.

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Working together to keep health and safety a priority

Health and Safety is paramount for us – it is fundamental to our business performance, as well as being integral to our long term commercial success.

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Providing full visibility of your fuel assets

With over 2,000 UK locations, our fuel cards help to keep every vehicle in your fleet moving and provide full visibility of spend. Using GPS technology and on board-diagnostics, FuelTrace gives you real-time data relating to vehicle movements to help reduce costs, implement efficiencies and minimise the risk of fraud.

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