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Fuel up

A dependable fuel supply is essential to avoiding potential disruptions caused by running out. It’s important to work in partnership with your fuel provider to ensure regular and reliable deliveries - particularly during busy periods. The latest in-built telemetry solutions monitor fuel levels in storage tanks so you have a clearer idea of when a delivery will be required. They can also be set up to automate deliveries when fuel supplies run low and provide alerts to any sudden drops caused by theft or leaks.

If your engines are fitted with SCR catalysts, you’ll also need AdBlue® to meet the standards for Euro V and Euro VI diesel emissions.

Keep track of spend

Whether you operate a fleet of 10 or 1,000 vehicle, it’s important to have visibility of fuel spend and location for all drivers. Fuel cards provide an easy way to pay for fuel while on the road taking the complexity out of having to manage expenses and the risk of fraudulent activity. For a stress-free refuelling experience, drivers can also visit one of Certas Energy’s 16 HGV refuelling bunker sites. Offering a variety of facilities and services including overnight parking, accommodation, bathrooms and cafes, our bunker sites are designed to allow ease of movement for larger vehicles and fast-flowing pumps so they can get back on the road quicker.

Monitor, maintain and keep moving

With the right systems in place to monitor your vehicles, you can get a better picture of your fleet’s productivity so you can address any potential issues before they become bigger problems. Telematics can highlight poor vehicle performance, allowing your business to avoid unplanned downtime and increase fuel economy by taking pre-emptive action.

Data produced by telematics means you can monitor fuel consumption and driver behaviour while a vehicle is on the road. These insights can then be leveraged to highlight where more fuel efficient behaviours and workforce training are required. Telematics solutions can also be integrated with a business’s fuel card account to offer a complete view of fleet fuel spend and vehicle expenditure for accurate miles-per-gallon figures.

Smooth operator

Effective lubrication is key to protecting heavy duty diesel engines, transmissions, axles and wheel bearings from the wear, deposits and corrosion that lead to frequent oil changes, maintenance and even component failure.

However, while there is a perception that selecting lubricants for your lorry is a comparatively small procurement decision, the reality is that not all lubricants are created equal. While buying cheaper oils and greases may reduce costs in the short term, the detrimental effect on vehicle parts and resulting maintenance periods can become more expensive over time. One national road haulage business saved in excess of £40,000 a year on parts alone by switching their engine oil to a high performance lubricant proven to combat acids, deposit formation and premature wear and tear.

When upgrading lubricants, make sure you use the product approved by your vehicles’ OEMs or you could run into issues - particularly during the winter when engines and parts are put under greater pressure.

Quality lubricants maximise fleet efficiency and minimise downtime - all while increasing fuel economy - meaning your lorry can be on the road for longer.

A cleaner fuel for a cleaner air


With HGVs operating the length of the country - from congested urban environments to rural green belt roads, the haulage industry has an important role to play in helping to improve air quality for the benefit of the environment, workforce and our local communities.

Alternative fuels offer an immediate solution for haulage companies looking to reduce emissions. Exclusively available in the UK from Certas Energy, Shell GTL Fuel is a cleaner burning alternative to diesel, proven to reduce emissions of harmful local pollutants such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) by up to 37% and particulate matter (PM) by up to 90%.

As a drop-in solution, Shell GTL Fuel can be used as a direct replacement for conventional diesel - no modifications to engines or equipment are required. The fuel comes with additional environmental benefits – it is more biodegradable than conventional diesel and, if spilled, will disperse naturally within weeks. The fuel can also improve safety for drivers when filling up, as it is less slippery than regular diesel with a higher flash point.


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