Keeping you moving

Read our top tips on how to keep your fleet moving efficiently whatever the weather...

Keep out the cold

To improve the cold flow and handling properties of your fuel, add an Anti-Wax additive to your supply while winter temperatures are above six degrees Celsius and before signs of waxing start to appear.

Protect your vehicle

High performance lubricants are key to protecting your vehicle’s components against wear and tear; meaning your fleet can be on the road for longer.

Never miss a delivery

Be confident of an uninterrupted fuel supply when your fleet needs it most. The latest inbuilt telemetry solutions are able to monitor fuel levels in storage tanks and automate ordering when levels are running low.

Stay topped up

Need to fill up your tank while out on the busy winter roads? Use a Certas Energy fuel card to easily pay for fuel on the go and take the complexity out of managing expenses.

Watch over your fleet

Certas Energy’s FuelTrace solution provides real-time location data on a fleet for maximum visibility over vehicles to help managers monitor when and where any issues arise.

Know when to stop

Certas Energy’s HGV bunker refuelling sites nationwide have been specially developed to allow ease of access and speed of filling and movement for larger vehicles. Each location is fitted with high-speed fuel pumps, which drastically reduce the time spent refuelling during journeys.

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