Is your fuel bowser compliant?

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Why are they being introduced?

In 2004, diesel and gas oil were reclassified as combustible and flammable liquids. This led to new road carriage requirements as regulated by the ADR to ensure that these fuels would be transported safely on public roads.

To give industries time to adapt to the new regulation, the Department of Transport introduced a 15-year exemption period that authorised the use of certain bowsers as IBC. Now the 15 years are about to end.

What are the regulation requirements?

  • 110% bunded (single-skinned tanks should be replaced)
  • Must be classified as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and NOT tanks
  • Must not have been manufactured before May 10th 2004
  • Must comply with current EU Environmental Regs for the elimination of accidental spillage
  • Pressure testing and external inspections must be performed every 2.5 years
  • Internal inspections must be performed every 5 years
  • All roadworthiness tests must be recorded and documentation obtained

How to check if existing bowsers are compliant

  • Check the documentation / certifications that came with your bowser
  • These should state if it’s an IBC or a tank
  • Check if your tank has approval or manufacturer plates
  • Check for the UN packaging symbol (or the stamped letters ‘UN’)


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