Separating alternative fuel facts from fiction

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"Alternative fuels are expensive"

58% of respondents state costs as the most significant barrier to adoption… but 46% recognise that they could deliver cost savings.

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"Adopting alternative fuels would disrupt my business"

53% of businesses recognise potential disruption as one their most significant barriers to adoption… but 48% would be encouraged to use alternative fuels if there was a low implementation impact.

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"Electric is the most environmentally friendly energy alternative"

14% think electric is the most biodegradable ‘fuel type’; 26% think it’s the most sustainable…

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"Alternative fuels can’t offer any performance benefits other than reducing emissions"

33% are unsure if alternative fuels can reduce total cost of ownership.

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"A limited number of businesses are using or considering alternative fuels - why should I?"

13% of businesses say the biggest barrier is a lack of proven results around alternative fuels… But most businesses (69%) would consider switching in the next 12 months.

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Interested in alternative fuels?

Certas Energy’s The Alternative Guide to Navigating the New Energy Mix was created to help construction, transport and public sector organisations navigate the alternative fuels landscape and separate fuel fact from fuel fiction. Download the full guide and discover the case for a liquid fuels future.

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