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Let us take care of all your energy needs, from heating oil to boiler care, new tanks or a new Smart Monitor. Click here to find out more.

Never run out of fuel again

Managing your heating oil has never been easier. With a Certas Energy Smart Monitor, we’ll automatically arrange a delivery for you when you’re in need of a top up, so you can get back to focusing on the more interesting things in life.

It comes with an easy to use app which provides daily updates straight to your smartphone.

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Helping your boiler last longer

Did you know that a well-maintained boiler is up to 8% more efficient, less likely to break down, and can save you money in the long run?

That’s why we offer complete boiler care packages to customers across the UK. Our engineers are all OFTEC registered, so you know you’re in safe hands.

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How we keep you cosy

All our products are top quality, whether you choose standard or premium kerosene. For extra benefits switch to Glowmax*, our exclusive premium heating oil. It’s cleaner and more efficient than regular heating oil – better for your boiler, better for your home and better for you. 

*Trialled and tested by Aga.

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Certas has worked closely with the fuel industry and developed the CWP initiative

The CWP initiative ensures its members priority delivery of heating oil in times of extreme weather or fuel shortages. Membership is completely free, with the only criteria being that you or a member of your household is over 75.

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As well as providing heating oil, we’re experts in fuel tanks. Whatever your needs or budget, we’ve got a tank for you. Choose from a complete range of Kingspan tanks, which are always installed to the highest safety standards.

Don’t forget to ask our team about spreading the cost with our easy payment options. Just give us a call on 0345 600 3423 to find out more.

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Top up your car as well as your home

Certas Energy is the name behind the Gulf brand in the UK. Through our retail division, we supply 500 Gulf branded forecourts with high quality fuels and lubricants. With Gulf and Certas Energy, you’re supplied by one of Europe’s largest oil distributors and supported locally by our dedicated teams right across the country.

Click here to find your local Gulf Petrol Station

Help and Advice

Got a question? Can't find the product or service you need? Don't worry we are here to help. Click on the links below and if your question is still unanswered, call us on 0345 600 3519.

What do I need to know before ordering?

It would help us if you knew the capacity of your heating oil tank, located in your garden, before you speak to one of our friendly experts. If you don’t know, you can work it out by taking the measurements of your tank or by locating the model number.

Which heating oil do I need?

Although some domestic boilers use gas oil, the vast majority of oil fired boilers and cookers are fuelled by kerosene (also known as home heating oil). If you are unsure what type of oil your heating system or range uses, please call us on 0345 600 3519 or send us an enquiry.

How do I avoid running out of oil?

Our fuel monitoring service is the easy way to manage your home heating oil use. For more information click here (link to fuel monitoring section) or call us on 0345 600 3519.

Our extensive delivery network promises absolute reliability thanks to 130 depots, 9,000 tankers and 2,300 people across Britain.

This enables us to deliver over 6 billion litres of oil to customers across Britain every year.

At Certas Energy, we offer the largest delivery network of trucks and depots in Britain, and our friendly drivers provide a convenient and local service.

We carry out deliveries in accordance with the following standards in order to:

  • Minimise the risk of health, safety and environmental incidents occurring as a result of Certas Energy delivery operations
  • Inform the customer of any improvement to their facilities required to ensure safe deliveries

Download our Delivery Standards Guide: Delivery Standards – CE → Del-2016.pdf

Delivery windows

Please note that delivery windows refer to working days and exclude weekends and bank holidays.

Direct Debit

With us, as a domestic customer, you can better manage the cost of your heating oil on our easy and affordable Direct Debit plan, ensuring you avoid one off fuel bills. It’s quick and easy to set up and this is another way we make life easier for you.

To speak to one of our friendly experts call us on 0345 600 3519.


Our commitment to providing a convenient service goes hand in hand with being environmentally friendly. When you sign up to receive your invoices and statements by email, you’ll benefit from knowing you’re helping the environment, receiving your invoice quickly and securely and spending less time filing.

That’s why we’ve made it really easy for you to sign up to e-invoicing. Simply log your details at www.signuptoebilling.co.uk,  email your name and account number to ebilling@myheatingoil.net or call one of the team on 0345 600 3519.


We want to give you absolute certainty about your heating oil costs. So whether you are ordering by phone or on our website, our quotation will always break down the cost to make everything absolutely clear.

We will always tell you the:

  • Unit price
    This is the price per litre, excluding VAT
  • Unit price
    This is the price per litre, including VAT
  • Net price
    This is the total price for the fuels you have ordered, including VAT. This figure will also include and detail any other charges which may relate to your order.
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