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Get HUGE deals and cashback on thousands of top brands, family days out, and so much more with Certas Energy Extras.

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Great deals just for you

We’ve secured great deals with thousands of top brands across the UK, all to say THANKS. With up to 40% off cinema trips, discounts on tech favourites with the likes of Currys PC World, and Nespresso machines for just £1, we’ve got something for everyone.*


Big savings on shopping giants

The whole family can feel the benefit of Certas Energy Extras with an incredible array of offers and cashback available from the likes of Tesco, John Lewis, Benefit and Boots.*

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Huge deals on days out,
including up to 40% off cinema trips

We’ve secured great discounts on days out and attractions for the whole family. Save up to a whopping 40% on cinema trips nationwide, as well as up to 51% on Alton Towers and much more – there’s fun for all the family.*

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Save up to 20% on foodie favourites

Food-lovers can get even more with great deals and cashback on fantastic restaurants across the UK! Head out to Jamie’s Italian and save up to 20% on your whole food bill, or spend a night in with discounts on your Deliveroo order.*

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Discounts on Pure Gym, Sky and more

Get fantastic discounts and cashback on some of the biggest and best lifestyle brands in the world. From exercising your inner gym bunny with up to 10% off Pure Gym, to discounts on the latest and greatest tech releases with the likes of Sky and Currys PC World – we’ve got just the thing!*

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Get a Nespresso machine for just £1

Pay just £1 for a selected Nespresso machine, and get your monthly fee credited back to your Nespresso account for use on coffee or even accessories. If that wasn’t enough, Certas Energy Extras also offers a free Touch Travel Mug with your Nespresso subscription!*

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