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Give your tank some TLC

Help your tank last longer by making a note of our handy tips

Check your tank for cracks and corrosion as these could be signs of an impending leak
T is for Texture
Make sure your tank is kept on a solid, level surface, far away from buildings and water courses. If any oil gets into the water system, it could cost in excess of £30,000 to clean up. Ouch!
L is for Location
If your dark green plastic tank now looks pale, it could have been bleached by the sun. This makes the plastic brittle and prone to breakage. If your tank is metal, keep an eye out for coppery rust too.
C is for Colour
Free Fuel Monitor with Kingspan tanks

Free Fuel Monitor worth £120 with every purchase

We care about making your life easier. That’s why with every new Kingspan tank, you’ll get a FREE Fuel Monitor. So you can have peace of mind that you’ll have run out of heating oil again.

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To make sure you stay cosy all winter long, we only supply the very best tanks to hold your heating oil.  And better yet, our full range of Kingspan EcoSafe bunded tanks come with all these great offers and extras....



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