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Exclusively available from Certas Energy in the UK

Certas Energy is committed to supporting our customers in making smart fuel choices as the world transitions to low emission energy generation.

It has been classified as having health and environmental benefits due to it being harmless if inhaled, as well as the low risk of eye and skin irritation.

Why GTL?

The UK will not comply with the legal limits set out in the Climate Change Act for air quality until 2025 - and in London not until 2030. The move towards Ultra-Low Emission Zones means that businesses with vehicles and off-road machinery operating in these zones will need to dramatically reduce emissions to comply with these new regulations. 

The journey towards zero carbon for many UK businesses will be an investment in resource, time and cash to enable compliance – not being able to demonstrate proactive air quality improvements in operations could be a real barrier to trade in the new ultra-low emission zones and beyond.  

Whilst longer term fleet strategies will no doubt focus on engine modifications and even carbon offsetting to reach zero carbon, our diesel alternative is a drop in fuel, readily available now to make an immediate impact in improving air quality today. 

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What is Shell GTL Fuel?

The Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel is part of the paraffinic family of fuels which has improved combustion properties inside standard diesel engines, helping to reduce emissions and improve local air quality.  Trials have shown that Shell GTL Fuel can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 37%, and particulate matter (PM) by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel. 

Free of unwanted components such as sulphur, metals, and aromatics, Shell GTL is non-toxic and less harmful than diesel to the environment.


This ‘drop-in’ fuel can be used as a direct replacement for conventional diesel fuels, suitable for both on-road and off-road applications without the need for engine modifications.

Its many benefits also include:

  • Reduces local emissions
  • Reduces PM and NOx
  • Reduces carbon monoxide
  • Less smell, easier to handle
  • No smoke
  • Less noise
  • Lower frequency of maintenance/servicing (due to lubricating oil)
  • Increased storage safety (higher flash point)
  • Increases storage time ability – particularly useful for backup generators
  • Improves options - Drop-in fuel, no engine modifications needed
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable
  • Improved cold start (due to increased time taken for soot accumulation)
  • Winter grade fuel all year round,  no-waxing up to -18degC
  • Improved reliability / fewer breakdowns, due to higher cetane number
  • More power (due to higher cetane number)

Clean air case studies 

Shell GTL Fuel users outline the wide range of benefits they have experienced when making the switch to a cleaner burning diesel alternative   

N594 - GTL campaign 2018 case studies - Roteb N594 - GTL campaign 2018 case studies - Van Keulen N594 - GTL campaign 2018 case studies - Brakes N594 - GTL campaign 2018 case studies - riverboat N594 - GTL campaign 2018 case studies - Copenhagen airport N594 - GTL campaign 2018 case studies - DB Schenker N594 - GTL campaign 2018 case studies - Hitachi

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