Are you using gas oil or red diesel for commercial heating applications? Save with Therma35 today.


What is Therma35?

Therma35 is a cost-effective alternative to conventional gas oil for industrial heating applications. Meeting BS2869 Class D accreditation, Therma35 heating oil can be used across a range of commercial boilers, dryers and heaters without compromising on output or performance.

How can it save my business money?

As well as being a cheaper alternative to conventional gas oil, Therma35 industrial heating oil offers a range of added-value benefits. Unlike gas oil, the fuel’s long-term storage stability, winter-grade and zero bio content means it can be bought in bulk and stored all year round without the risk of spoilage, interruption or waxing.

Will switching cause disruption?

For many businesses, one of the most significant barriers to implementing a new heating oil is the potential for disruption when making the switch. Therma35 can be added to existing tanks without having to empty them beforehand or make any modifications, enabling businesses to make the switch to a more economical alternative with confidence and without interrupting heating provisions.

£2,000 saved in 3 months

Lee Abbey, a leisure organisation in Devon saved over £2,000 in 3 months by moving from gas oil to Therma35 for their commercial heating applications.


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