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Convenient Heating Oil Delivery in North Wales

Save time, money and hassle when you order your fuel in North Wales with Certas Energy. We have a wide network of local depots, offering a delivery service of standard and premium heating oil that you can depend on.

We deliver heating oil to towns and counties including Snowdonia, Wrexham, Bangor, Anglesey and all points beyond.

Did you know that 15 per cent of all homes in Wales are off the gas grid? In North Wales it’s 17.6 per cent that rely on heating oil or LPG – both figures are higher than the averages for England and Scotland.

Homes using heating oil or LPG are much more common in rural areas, which in Wales equates to 61,000 properties in total. If you are one of these then fear not. With our vast network of local depots across the country, you can be sure of finding affordable fuel no matter where you live

Get an instant quote. If you want to go ahead and order, you’ll have the whole process completed in less than five minutes.